Leicester – Swansea; tip: Leicester

Leicester will play against Swansea in the Premier League on Sunday. The match starts at 18:15 and will be live on Diema Sport.
Leicester’s run of five straight wins was interrupted. They were quite unfortunate in their last game against West Ham, where Vardy was sent off at the early stage of the second half and they took only 1 point from that game. Currently taking the first place with 73 points, five more than their main contender Tottenham.
Swansea on the other hand were defeated 3-0 by Newcastle. They have nothing to play for and I am not sure how motivated will be this team at the end of the season.
Leicester’s three remaining games except this one will be much more difficult so all points here is a must. The host have better team and motivation and with „better“ decisions from the referee Swansea will not be able to stop them.
Нашата прогноза е „1“.

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